Support Community is the world’s first SaaS
platform for creating therapeutic communities for your cause.

The Support Community platform is scalable, private, offers in-depth analytics,
and advanced fundraising options.

Grow your unique online community that helps your cause

Tired of boring communities that don’t drive engagement? Are you ready to provide the platform that your cause needs? Say hello to the Support Community Platform. We have the same goals as you do.

You Own the Platform

We want your platform to be a perfect fit. You know your community best and we work with you to make your vision come to life. Unlike other platforms, you own your community and all of the benefits that come with it. Have a unique idea? We will work and grow with you to provide the best features to your community. Totally customize your platform.

You are in Control

Want to make your community public? Private? Members-only? Want to have an application process? All of this is possible using the Support Community Platform. Our tools make it easy for moderators to create a safe and supportive environment. Do you have an organization that has multiple sites? Connect them all with our Connected Support Community Platform. Bottom line, this is your community and YOU ARE IN CONTROL.

Generate Meaningful Content

The information and stories generated from the platform belong to you. Use them on other connected social platform to help spread awareness. Use our patented story telling guide to encourage your community to tell their stories. Use these stories to generate interest from potential donors.

It’s Therapeutic

Through research and experience, we developed the Support Community platform to help people. We know that through connection, information, and a safe place to create meaning and purpose through challenging times, people can cope well with their life issues. It is obvious to us that the future of health is social. Our team of social and health Psychologists are dedicated to providing the best tools for your cause. Provide people the opportunity to not only help others, but also help themselves.

We Have Your Back

Need help with anything? We are available 24/7. We do the hosting for your online community
so that you can focus on growing it and generating meaningful content. We ensure over 99.9%
uptime. No matter the size of your community, we got you covered.