Storytelling is the oldest form of education. It is a way to pass knowledge from one generation of RMH families to the next, to promote survival, and create a sense of meaning out of difficult life circumstances.
Write and Share your Story
We believe that each of your stories is unique. And we believe that each story should be shared. We have developed a system that allows you to tell your story using some guiding questions. Questions that we believe are important in your journey.
Discover and Read the Stories of Others
Facing a serious life issue is an isolating experience. Search for stories that can help you learn from the experience of others and what may lie ahead. Provide validation, with comments or likes, to those that have found the courage to share their stories with the world.
Guided Story Telling
Telling your story is a difficult venture, that is why our team of Psychologists developed a story telling guide. The questions are designed to maximize the amount you learn about yourself and to maximize the helpfulness to others.
360 View Tag
Life issues never impact only one person. Tag other people involved in the story to learn of their experience of the same issue. Increase your intimacy with those that mean the most to you.
Write and Share All your Stories
Events in Life shape who we are especially those events that we struggle with. Write Multiple Stories and collect them on your Story Page. Show yourself and Others how your stories have shaped your life, how you’ve grown, and who you are today.

Featured Stories