Let's Connect

Support Others

Supporting others has shown to increase lifespan, leads to greater happiness, lower blood pressure, decrease your stress, and even decrease physical pain. Listen to others and help them through their difficult time.

Find Support

Find people interested in listening to your story and encouraging your growth. Develop true friendships by sharing your story and listening to and connecting with others.

Find a Mentor

We connect you with mentors that are certified by related non-profits. These mentors are ready to listen to your story and help you find the resources you need to help you through a difficult time.

Communication Tools

Support Community wants to provide you with the current tools and technology that can help develop meaningful relationships. Communicate how you want with video-chat, text-chat, voice chat, or email.

Support Team

When you find the people that provide you the most meaningful connections, add them to your support team and develop lifelong friendships based on mutual support.